Importance of Fume Extraction Systems

Mechmons’s fume extraction system is designed to handle fumes, smoke, dust, and mist produced from the various process which is harmful to the environment and human health. We offer technically advanced, highly efficient, and custom system design as per site situation and customer requirements.

Fume extraction systems are essential in industries where harmful gases and particles are generated during manufacturing processes. These systems are designed to remove pollutants and contaminants from the air and ensure a safe and healthy working environment for employees. Fume extraction systems come in different types, such as local exhaust systems, which capture fumes at the source, and general exhaust systems, which remove pollutants from the entire workspace. The choice of system will depend on the type of manufacturing process, the nature of pollutants generated, and the size of the workspace. In addition to promoting safety and health, fume extraction systems also help companies comply with environmental regulations and avoid fines and legal issues.

Regular maintenance and inspection of fume extraction systems are crucial to ensure their effectiveness and longevity. Overall, fume extraction systems are crucial in creating a safe and healthy work environment for employees while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Applications Of Fume Extraction Systems
  • Grinding
  • Plastic Melting
  • Solvent Cleaning
  • Small Experiments (non-corrosive)
  • Formaldehyde
  • 3-D Printing
  • Sanding
Features & Benefits
  • Portable & easily movable
  • Less Power consumption
  • Ability to handle high temperature flue gases
  • Long service life
  • Easy maintenance & cleaning