Material Conveying Solutions

We are a Designer & Manufacturer of all types of bulk material handling equipment. We can provide customized solutions in every aspect of handling, including loading and unloading bulk solids for transport or storage, sourcing and feeding raw materials, moving finished products around the facility, as well as carrying material throughout the entire production process.

We serve in Cement industries, Steel industries, Pharma industries, Fertilizer & Chemical industries, Rubber industries.

Screw Conveyor

we are manufacturer of all kinds of Screw conveyors including vertical, horizontal, and inclined. It is an easy and reliable way to convey or transfer the material from one equipment to another. Screw conveyor handles all kinds of different substances including powder, dust, flakes, Granules, etc.

Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevators are mainly used to elevate the material vertically to a significant height. We offer a variety of bucket elevator designs and sizes to handle materials ranging from dry dusty powders such as fly ash to heavy materials such as iron ore pellets.Bucket elevator are either Belt driven or Chain driven.

Diverter Valve

We manufacture simple and compact diverter Valves. It can use to divert the flow of material from one port to another. These valves are designed to handle bulk material for all industrial applications.

Slide Gate Valve

MECHMONS’S slide gate valves are designed to provide an efficient method to control the flow of bulk material. The valves are mounted on the outlets of hoppers, tanks, silos, mechanical conveyors, or on the inlet of loading bellows. Our Slide gate Valves are suitable for virtually all industrial sectors including the food industry.

Rotary Airlock Valve

Our Rotary Airlock Valves (RAV) are designed to provide improved performance to bulk material processing & production. our rotary valves are able to handle all kinds of dry powders and granular materials in the plastics, chemical, food and minerals industries. Rotary airlock valves are also widely used as volumetric feeders for metering materials at precise flow rates from bins, hoppers, dust collectors, silos, etc.

Storage Silo & storage tank

Storage silo and tanks are meant for storage of bulk material. they are used for short term storing as well as long term storing of bulk material. We have expertise in the design and manufacturing of customized storage facilities for a wide range of industrial sectors as per customer’s requirement.

Industrial blower and Fans

We are prominent Manufacturer of Industrial blowers & fans. Blowers in India can be considered as the heart of any processing industry. We design, manufacture and supply high-quality industrial Blower & Fans for various application.They are used in for pneumatic conveying system, bag filter, dust collector, cyclone separator and scrubber.